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All of the porcelain tableware I make is designed and individually hand thrown which allows me to develop and evolve my work through an iterative process.

Making tableware and functional pottery has been at the heart of my studio practice and I enjoy the challenge of creating work that is designed for everyday use in the kitchen and on the table. My aesthetic has strong minimalist influences allowing the materials and the process of making to animate the work through throwing marks, trimming lines, and glaze pools.

Currently all of my tableware is made from a high fire porcelain that I’ve carefully selected for it’s pure white color and extreme durability. My tableware will stand up to years of use and is food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe. It is designed as tableware and due to its extreme density is not designed to be used as bakeware or ovenware. It’s fine to warm pieces in an oven but I do not recommend it for baking.