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By choice I want my process to be as direct and simple as possible. I work by myself without any assistants or helpers and every piece is made by me, by hand, one at a time.

All of my work is thrown on a potters wheel and is made from a high grade porcelain that I've selected for its durability and pure white color. I use a limited number of tools and feel that my creativity flourishes under these constraints. I enjoy the direct interaction of the maker to the material and how this creative involvement with the work is then carried forward by the eventual user of the piece.

Each piece is made by first wedging the clay (kneading it for uniformity) and then is formed on the wheel. After several days it is trimmed to refine the form and finish the bottom of the piece. Once dry it is fired to a ceramic state and then is glazed and fired a second time to its mature temperature (2381F) vitrifying each piece and where thin translucent.